Cours de danse pour enterrement de vie de jeune fille à Paris
Enterrement de vie de jeune fille à PARIS COURS DE DANSE PRIVÉ ENTRE AMIES à Domicile ou en studio privé !!

One Idea bachelor party girl in Paris: A private group dance classes! :D

Our private group dance lessons Special Bachelorette Party on the french capital !!

You will bury the single life of your best friend and you are looking for THE good idea! Choose a dance collective and private in Paris!!

The principle is simple, a professor choreographer goes to your home or one of our partner studios (only in Paris) and teaches at the whole group, a choreography on a given topic.
All universes are allowed: you can, for example, to reproduce the choreography of Michael Jackson, choosing a course Indian dance, take a course or country, develop a flash mob, hell-is-all-possible !
Better than a dull meeting or a sex toy or a streepteaser oiled, dance workshop allows any group to participate and learn to dance you want! It is customary to dress the bride and have a camcorder to record this day. Example of a disguise during Disco: fly glasses, wig Jackson Five, sequined shirt and trousers legs def! It goes without saying that the bride and remain dressed until evening.^ ^


From The Cuban Salsa to Kuduro (the famous dance of Cape Verde), through the course of stripping, or by electro dance, Disco (John Travolta), our teachers will teach all dances possible, with good mood is guaranteed! You can even learn to dance the title of your choice, like Lady Gaga, Black Eyes pies or Alicia Keys, our choreographers respond to all requests and develop a customized choreography for your bachelorette party a success ! You can see our list of dances available in the menu.

Warning: our dance classes in Paris, and all our dance classes without exception, are exclusively private. We do not offer group classes open to the public. During the « bachelor party girl » takes place at your Paris home (or suburbs) or in private studio.

Our Bachelorette Party held at home or private studio in Paris

Everyone does not have a large living room to organize a bachelor party girl at home, especially when planning a dance class! Henceforth, we set to provide our customers with several dance hall located in Paris in order to organize the Court away from home, but still in collective and private. Undeniable comfort than to have a large room equipped with wall mirrors, just for your group and your teacher.

Surcouf expected to rent a private studio: 30 € / hr.

We have a couple of private studios in Paris subways following: Metro: Pelleport or Magenta, Metro: Barbès-Rochechouard, Metro: Philippe Auguste, Subway: Châtau water, Subway: Faidherbe – Chaligny, Metro: Bourse, Grands boulevards, Metro: Metro: Parmentier, Metro: Porte de Versailles Metro: Saint-Mande. See map of Paris with our studios.

All our dance classes take place in Paris and nearby suburbs, private lessons, for a more convivial and relaxed atmosphere. Warning: it is not allowed to bring drinks or eat in the dance halls.

Attention : nos cours de danse à Paris, et tous nos cours de danse sans exception, sont exclusivement privés. Nous ne proposons pas de cours collectifs ouverts au public. Les cours de « enterrement de vie de jeune fille » se déroulent à votre domicile parisien (ou en proche banlieue), ou en studio privé.

Council Burial life of girl in paris

1) It is very important to respect the personality of the bride: if it is rather reserved, he does not plan a passage in the street dressed as a giant sex! Similarly, if the bride is calm, forget the passage in disco framed by 2 Chippendales. The EVJF must match the profile of the person who loses his life as a young girl. That’s why this day should be organized by someone familiar with the bride. Traditionally, the bride must not be aware of its day EVJF place. Very often it is her best friend or sister who is in charge of organizing this unforgettable day.

2) Do not invite anyone! This is a basic rule for a successful bachelor party girl: invite only those enjoyed by the bride to make her feel good company! Forget the friends of friends and you can concentrate on the inner circle of the bride. Usually the group consists of 8 to 12 people, sometimes a fortnight, rarely more.

3) Provide a budget and sufficient time. It is risky to prepare a EVJF at the last minute. Therefore, you will book your dance, your restaurant and tell your friends enough in advance so that each can be released on jouren question. It is customary to prepare EVJF one month in advance, 2 months for the summer months, because very often, restaurants are packed. For the budget, the bride will have to pay anything! This will require all costs to budget for the day and divide by the number of participants.

4) List your activities on the same geographical area. To avoid having to take the subway or the car several times a day, try to stay on the same geographic area by choosing a restaurant near your place of business. Our agency rifle section of several rooms in Paris, ask!

5) The activities to remember:
– Striptseaser if the bride is not attracted by this type of delirium.
– Evening alcoholic too, especially if the bride is not accustomed to drinking: fiasco!
– Disguise the bride in giant pecker and encourage selling condoms in the street: very limit …
– Encourage the bride was committing a « funny little offense (theft from a store, graphite, exhibition) is the best way to end the day at the police station …

6) A nice activity to do:

– Dance Workshop with friends! 😉